Marc Herremans - Spinal Cord lesion
Since my youth, I have been exercising very intensively and always had a perfect condition. I trained for the triathlon and won the Belgian  championship twice, finished twice on the eight place during world championships and was 6 th in the Iron man in Hawaii . On the 28 th of January 2002 , I fell during training in Lanzarote and fractured the T5 and T6 vertebrae. I remained
paraplegic from the level of the nipples down to my feet.

Following this accident, I continued exercising all the active muscles in my arms and chest, but get annoyed not being able to train the abdominals and the muscles of the lower extremities. The muscles vanished very rapidly.

The Real E-MUST was presented. This apparatus allows me to train all  paralyzed muscles of my body. As a consequence, my abdomen and lower extremities became very flexible. Stimulating my nerves and muscles clearly improves the bloodcirculation. The next day, muscle tension is evident, indicating the muscles had worked the day before.

I do experience a great advantage by the Real E-MUST and
would like to underline its importance for each spinal cord

Marc Herremans – Wuustwezel - Belgium


DIRK LIPPINOIS - 57 years Menen - ArthrosisI’m very happy having acquired the apparatus STIM 200. The pains in my shoulders, neck, feet, knees and spine disappeared rapidly. I not longer feel distressed but very relaxed indeed. My endurance has improved




Claire Van Moffaert - Ankylosing
Spondylitis (Bechterew)

 I already had a lot of negative experiences with a whole range of therapies. Medication resulted in bloodclothing problems. Radontherapy in the Badgasteincentre was  interrupted due to palpitations and problems of bloodpressure. I finally started physiotherapy, gymnastics and swimming. I couldn’t continue heat therapy as it caused varicosities.

As my physiotherapist is a proponent of electrical stimulation, it was a small step  towards trying the Real E-MUST during 5 weeks. I used the 10 msec stimulation without combining heat. Being very sceptical, I initially requested the opinion of my physiotherapist and some doctors: no side-effects were known and the frequency modulator prevented adaptation.


My experience?? It relaxes the muscles and affects the bloodcirculation and surrounding nerves. I succeeded in brushing my teeth without discomfort in the flexed position. I now can sleep well for 6 hours without awakening. I plan to treat my hips, knees, feet, chest and higher cervical area. Improved range of motion into the fingers will help me further in my writing and house holding.

I’m not looking for a miracle, but feel I’m on my way. I continue to improve my mobility. It’s amazing that there exist therapies without side-effects such as with the Real E-MUST.

I thank Medical-tec for this unique experience. A major advantage is the possibility of using the device at home whenever I can. It’s more convincing as my exercise routines do not allow for more time, transfers and costs.

CLAIRE VAN MOFFAEET – Nederzwijnaarde 24F – 9052
0473 – 78 63 29 claire.Van Moffaert@vlafo.be


Dubaere Alberic, 80 year
I purchased the STIM 200 for treating the cramps in my bladder. I have problems since 5 years and underwent multiple investigations by specialists. No help could be offered.

I started the STIM 200 and felt major improvements after 3 days. By now, nearly all  problems are gone. At the same time, I do experience a general relief of the problems related to my arthrosis.

The specialist-urologist, being informed about the details of the STIM 200, stimulates me to use this device and even advises Medical-tec to other patients.

MR. BUBAERE ALBERIC, Tumulusstraat 37, 8800 Roeselare
052 / 22 54 82

LEOPOLD BOGAERT - Ankylosing Spondylitis (Bechterew)

Medical-tec contacted some members of the society by internet for their
cooperation in testing the Real E-MUST, whose application was explained by the director. As I have problems at the level of the spine, the neck, the hips and the knee, I used the device 30 minutes per day and per area. I first employed the TENS locally followed by the 10 msec stimulation. The heat electrodes were not used.

Being very sceptical at the start, the Real E-MUST proves to be much more than a simpl

e gadget. The symptoms clearly become less dependent on the weather conditions. I experience a slight improvement in pain and mobility, but I still need to utilize the apparatus for a much longer time.

The device can be used at any time, while reading a book or watching TV. I always could contact the agency for further information regarding the  modalities of the device.

The given documents include a letter from the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels , Department of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. I don’t think the professor could associate his name and reputation to the developed apparatus which would prove to be a pure consumers product, being costly and worth nothing, only adding to further disappointment.

Leopold Bogaert – Pinksterbloemhof 16 – 8300 Knokke-Heist
050 / 51 28 30 pol.bogaert@knokkeheist.be

Marlin Vantomme - Multiple Sclerosi
Since 11 years, I’m a MS-patient, with
remissions from my regular exacerbations. The major problems were the difficulties in independent walking and the episodes of extreme
tiredness. For the majority of people, the days seem to be too short. For me, it was the opposite. I could not spend a normal day without including regular periods of rest. I did try all existing
medication, but to no avail. Major side-effects appeared each time. I  became desperate.

Three months ago, I got introduced to the Real E-MUST. Stimulation during one month alreadyindicated very promising
results. The tiredness, an extreme disability, disappeared completely. I can now spend a complete day in a normal way. I
started walking more independently, with less need of my walking cane, which I had to use frequently. For me, the Real E-MUST is a gift from Heaven. I enjoy using the apparatus for
30 minutes to one hour per day.
Note: Marlin is again a
professional active man.


Dirk De Schans - MS patiënt
MS was diagnosed during the 1991 summer period, although I experienced the same debilitating symptoms – such as
paralysis – in 1981 at the age of 13. Fortunately, the remissions were optimal. Once the diagnosis confirmed, I continued experiencing small exacerbations. However, all these ‘small’ attacks gradually  resulted in a major problem: back pain, constant tiredness, problems with the bladder requiring autosondage …..

All medications had sideeffects. I started utilizing the Real E-MUST. The results of this type of treatment were and still are extraordinary. I do not experience the exacerbations and the pain in the back settles. I
not longer suffer from tiredness and experience
a better control of my bladder function.

The Real E-MUST is indispensable and costeffective
as I can treat myself where, when and for how long I want.

Contact me for further information
Dirk De Schans – born
17/10/1968 – 0476 / 92 35
43 – Aug. Van Putlei 71,
2150 Borsbeek


Nik Dewil - Paralysis
The 10th of May 2003 . I got
paralyzed from the T3 to the T11 level following a motor vehicle accident. I was a regular  sportsman and wanted to remain so. I was very interested in training my paralyzed muscles as well.

Following some research on the NET, I was informed about the Real E-MUST. I had to stay 6 months in a rehabilitation centre, where I could not train the paralyzed muscles. They wasted completely. Since I train with the Real E-MUST, I gained a lot of muscle
mass. Before the electrical stimulation, my legs perspired a lot due to a bad bloodcirculation. This problem has disappeared completely. My legs feel as before and I’m very happy with this. I like to underline the value of the Real E-MUST to all those in a similar condition.
Nik Dewil 0477 / 70 00 91


Matthijs Linda

I’m a MS-patient for 12 years. I suffer a primary progressive form with oedemas at the level of the feet and ankles, spasticity, stiffness and inflammation into the lower legs.

I experience a lot of improvement by the
using the Real E-MUST. The oedemas have
diminished greatly. I feel less stiff and much more flexible. I’m able to bend my leg. Very rarely do I experience pain in my foot and my leg regained a normal colour. I can walk indoors without the need of a walking cane. The use of the Real EMUST further prevented a hernia operation. The
pain has decrease a lot by utilizing the warmth (warmth electrodes) of the Real E-MUST.

Matthys Linda – Hoge Weg 114, 9500 Geraardsbergen,
Belgium 0474 – 89 46 13

Maenhout John - MS patiënt
I experienced more strength and more security in the lower extremities which allowed me to develop a stable gait and
much less muscle spasms

For further information: 050 – 35 28 35
MAENHOUT JOHN – Stationsstraat 75, 8340
Damme, Sijsele (born: 21 December 1947 )