Optimize your sportslimits with our innovative muscle stimulationtechnique Real E-MUST

As an active sportsman, you think having reached your maximal limits !! Medical-Tec offers you an innovative and revolutionary stimulation method improving your results even more drastically. The technique guarantees an important increase of your muscle force by using the worldly patented muscle stimulator Real E-MUST. A revelation for all sports requiring important generation of force and endurance such as in bicycling, football, tennis, athletics, bodybuilding, etc

Clinical Tests
Ludo Dierickxsens – muscle development
Medical-tec appreciates the cooperation of the Belgian cyclist champion Ludo Dierickxsens to test the Real E-MUST. The experimental results were so exciting, that we surely could anticipate similar results by electrically stimulating a professional cyclist. We were greatly surprised reading the report of the personal sportsdoctor of Ludo. With a healthy scepticism, he independently analysed the final result without telling us. Having reached his peakcondition at the end of the season, Ludo underwent his first isokinetic tests of quadriceps and hamstrings. He subsequently was electrically stimulated by the Real E-MUST for 4 weeks, twice daily during 30 minutes. The final tests were beyond all anticipated expectations and surely beyond those of this own supervising doctor. In the short period of 4 weeks, his muscle strength had increased by an amazing 16 %. Being an average, some of the tests indicated an amazing gain of 34 %.