The Real E-MUST stands for a scientific stimulation technology aiming at optimal development of your muscle force

The Real E-MUST stands for a scientific stimulation technology aiming at optimal development of your muscle force

The Real E-MUST: the fastest method for strengthening your muscles and drastically improving your mobility.

The Real E-MUST is the eminent method for strengthening your muscles, even during periods of inactivity and/or rehabilitation. You can expect a major development of strength into your muscles and a relevant improvement of your mobility.

The Real E-MUST is based on an unique concept based on thorough scientific research.

It was concluded that a total reorientation in the existing techniques of electrical muscle stimulation was essential for achieving an optimal result.

For attaining the maximum out of your muscular potential, active training of muscles is essential. However, by complementary electrical
stimulation with the Real E-MUST, the strength of your muscles will develop even better and faster. The strength of a muscle is related to
number of its active muscle fibres. To develop force, each muscle fibre functions on a ‘all-or-nothing’ principle: contraction or no contraction.
Indeed, following even the most intensive training for strengthening a muscle group (i.e. forearm muscles), a part of its muscle fibres will
remain inactive. Using the Real E-MUST, ALL muscle fibres will be stimulated and trained. Your gain in muscle strength will be more
important and your mobility will increase drastically.

The number of muscle fibres activated by using electrical muscle stimulation is related to the intensity and the duration of the applied electrical current. The existing techniques for stimulation use currents of an extremely short-duration and in order of microseconds. A microsecond - sec – equals a millionth of a second. Your muscles nearly do not benefit from those short pulse durations.

A new pulse duration is essential for efficient muscle stimulation

Experimental research on animals and volunteers very 500 5sec 1msec 10 msec

objectively indicated that 10 milliseconds (msec) is the optimal pulse duration for muscle stimulation. This duration . Real EMUST
is several times longer than the used microsecond technique (5sec) . Other stimulators by the existing stimulators!! In comparison: nerves do . 1millisecond produce natural electrical impulses of a 1 millisecond duration to elicit a muscle contraction.

The Real E-MUST is the first and unique apparatus – protected by patent – generating pulses of a 10 milliseconds duration to develop optimal contraction of a muscle. Astonishing results are achieved!!

Moreover . This concept is very efficient in strengthening your muscles during long periods of inactivity i.e. following an injury, while sick, during
postoperative rehabilitation …. In these conditions muscles loose their strength very rapidly and can, in extreme circumstances – lead to muscle fibre degeneration. The Real E-MUST offers the opportunity to exercise your muscles during these periods of inactivity. At the time of resumption of your normal activities, you will experience a very rapid gain of your muscle power. The Real E-MUST shortens the recovery
period drastically allowing you to mobilize much earlier. Do not forget the loosing musclestrength passes off more rapidly than regaining it.

Extra equipment: attenuation of pain by TENS neurostimulation.

Besides the 10 millisecond stimulation technique, the Real E-MUST is equipped with TENS therapy for painful conditions. Everybody can experience a disease or injury leading to a painful condition. TENS uses other parameters for stimulation. TENS improves the blood circulation, blocks the pain and releases endorphins. TENS does heal wounds more rapidly and helps oedema to settle faster by draining the superfluous
fluids into the blood circulation.

TENS is another form of electrostimulation and stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This method consists in transmitting small electrical stimuli through the skin (= transcutaneous) to the underneath lying nerves. The gate-control theory by Melzack and Wall, explains the ability of reducing local pain with TENS electrical currents. The imaginary gate is localised in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord where a presynaptisch inhibition occurs. This means that the progression of certain signals is halted by other limiting signals, i.e. pain
signals are halted by other signals gaining priority. In other words, the gate for pain signals towards the central nervous system is blocked.

The second effect of neurostimulation is the local release of endorphins, painrelieving hormones produced by the body. TENS produces much
softer electrical impulses to the painful area than does muscular stimulation. As the sensation of pain differs from person to person, experiencing pain attenuation will be different as well. Sometimes the treatment gives an immediate result, sometimes it takes a complete
session. TENS is particularly indicated for chronic pain conditions, but is used as well for acute pain following surgery, lacerations etc.