The Real E-MUST is the first to produce a pulse which is safe and efficient. Unique in world!!

Electrical stimulation with two electrodes conducts electrons from one electrode to the other. The Real EMust is unique in that it uses an alternating rectangular current interval characterized by a pulse duration of 10 milliseconds. Medical-Tec patents this extraordinary functional pulse generator.

This innovation allows you to stimulate at very low intensities and at the same time achieving highly amazing results compared to the
existing muscle stimulators.

By each pulse, the direction of the conduction of electrons changes between the electrodes. This is essential for guaranteeing its safe use. An alternating current provides compensation for the eventual accumulation of electrons underneath the electrodes. If this was not the case, the acidity of the skin could increase with subsequent negative consequences. The warnings of such a phenomenon can be read below.

Warning by using older types of muscle stimulators.

The earlier generations of stimulators generate much shorter pulses with higher intensities, whereby the conducted electrons always
concentrate at the level of the same electrode. This phenomenon can drastically increase the acidity (pH) of the skin, being responsible for
developing burns underneath the electrode. As heat is not the cause, these acidityburns are treacherous as they are only noticed following the application.

This problem does not happen by the use Real E-MUST as to its typical compensating effect by the alternating currents.

Optionally, the Real E-MUST can stimulate using heated electrodes.

Heating does lower the threshold for stimulating the muscles electrically. This sounds evident as warming-up your muscles clearly improves the level of your results. Therefore, the use of heated electrodes is highly indicated for sportsmen using the Real E-MUST for handling pain following an injury.