Everything you need to know on the Real E-MUST The latest generation of an electrical stimulator aiming at optimal muscle strengthening and improvement of your mobility

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Since years Medical-tec produces medical and paramedical devices related to electrical stimulation. Meanwhile, the technique underwent major evolutions and has shown its evidence in multiple applications, such as:

  • improvement of the general physical condition
  • reinforcement of muscular strength
  • rapid increased mobility in case of muscle atrophy
  • improvement of local and general bloodcirculation
  • improved woundhealing
  • better control of oedema following injuries
  • treatment of acute and chronic painful conditions

Tic this link: products for a short description and prizes of all stimulators. For further requests regarding a particular therapy, do not hesitate to write us by clicking medical-tec@telenet.be The Real E-Must introduces a new standard for efficient muscular strengthening, due to its superior 10 millisecond technique.

The cost price of this stimulator amounts to 1.924 €. Ask for the conditions to pay by instalments at 6 and 12 months. The Real E-MUST can be ordered by e-mail. Send your address and telephone number. We will contact as soon as possible. Medical-tec directs to private users as well as professional users.

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Paret Robert